Hayabusa Engine for Sale: For A Complete Transformation Of A Regular Bike

The Hayabusa, named after the fastest flying bird, is one of the most powerful bikes from the house of Suzuki. From its inception in 1999, this bike has gone through successive improvements and the latest 2012 Hayabusa and 2012 limited edition Hayabusa are perfect examples of technological excellence. The performances of these bikes are completely unmatched and unique. The outward stylish appearance and the engine are created by the most skilled and innovative engineers. Suzuki has always encouraged productive, efficient and stylish automobiles and this has made it the market leader all over the world.

The one thing that is always associated with a Hayabusa is its powerful engine. The engine is designed with the best possible technology without making comprises on the safety aspect. The Hayabusa has a 1340cc engine with 4 strokes. The liquid-cooled engine has 16 valves. The fuel injection system and the Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers help to generate massive power that enhances the speed of the bike. Unlike the earlier models, the latest Hayabusa has pistons made of aluminum alloy that are lighter and allow a compression ratio of 12.5:1. The overall weight of the latest Hayabusa has been further reduced by making the head of the bike more compact. The sixteen light weight titanium valves have been used that also help in lowering the weight of the bike.

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The cylinders are plated with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material that increases the resilience of the cylinders and allows smooth and effective transfer of the heat. Spark plugs are made of iridium that aid effective combustion. The fuel injection system of a Hayabusa is powered by a unique Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve that enhances its performance.

The PAIR system or the Pulsed-secondary AIR injection helps to reduce harmful emissions and meets the required standard set for pollution control. It allows its driver to choose the engine settings according to the rider’s requirements through a Drive Mode Selector option. It has a large exhaust system with 4-2-1-2 specification. These engine specifications make the Hayabusa engine a highly powered and a competent one.The bent radiator is highly competent and has dual controlled electric fans that help in the cooling system. The advanced brake system and the clutch system make it one of the best bikes.

These highly efficient Hayabusa engines can be availed through online sites. You can easily find a used Hayabusa engine for sale and fit it in your regular bike. This way you can enhance the bike’s performance without spending a lump sum amount. Before purchasing a Hayabusa engine, see to it that you check the engine serial numbers so that you know about the authenticity of ownership. Check the engine quality and the engine oil to get an idea of the maintenance of the engine. You can also ask for a practical testing of the engine as this will help you understand the present condition of the engine. Most of the online shopping sites have a catalogue of Hayabusa engines for sale and also allow auctions. You can transform your normal bike to a Hayabusa bike at an affordable rate.

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