Hayabusa for Sale – Tame the Beast

The Suzuki Hayabusa is not a bike which needs to be driven; it is a beast which needs to be tamed. This mammoth bike with its 1340 cc engine is a monster which roars on the road. The power of Suzuki Hayabusa cannot be handled by just about anybody. You need more than just muscle power to saddle this Japanese beast; you need a strong daring mind, raw courage and lots of guts. So, do you wish to tame this beast? If you are ready then keep reading to find out how to buy a discounted Hayabusa for sale.

Hayabusa or GSX1300R can run to a speed of 190mph and is the fastest motorcycle in the world. The appearance is very muscular but downright disproportionate for a bike. When you look at it, you can feel its untamed power. For its bulk, Hayabusa is fairly lightweight. The bike is made to be light so that it can travel faster. Hayabusa is after all, meant for speed. Over the years, a number of models of Hayabusa have been available and each of them has been an extremely powerful performer.

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Hayabusa is an epitome of extreme engineering with an outstanding engine. The engine blends the best of both worlds – it is powerful as well as reliable. Despite its seemingly complex engineering, the engine is very simple. It is because of the engine that the bike is able to accelerate so brutally. If you want to go slower, Hayabusa gives you a very soothing, smooth and comfortable ride. The bike is not uncomfortable in the least because the suspensions of the vehicle are very flexible and soft. This is a feature which you usually do not find in other sports bikes. In order to increase the functionality of the bike, three modes of running have been included. In the first mode, which is Mode A, you can unleash the full power of the bike. In the second mode, Mode B, you can reduce the power of the engine and use it for comfortable city driving. The third mode, Mode C, gives you a better grip on the road and is great while driving in the rain or snow. This multifunctional bike is perfect for all occasions, be it a macho bike race or a romantic long drive with your sweetheart.

If there is one aspect which has contributed to the success of Hayabusa, it is the ease with which the bike accelerates. While you can feel adrenaline pumping through your veins, the bike accelerates almost effortlessly. It feels like sliding on butter, mainly because of its midrange torque. When you look for a Hayabusa for sale, ensure that the bike has its original engine. If you buy older versions or used bikes which were used for racing, this is one aspect which you need to make sure of. The second very impressive aspect about Hayabusa is its high fuel efficiency. In spite of the speeds which the bike is capable of reaching, it consumes admirably low fuel, which makes its fuel injection system another example of extremely efficient engineering.

In terms of reliability, Hayabusa ranks high, especially with regard to performance and power. On the flip side, this beast requires a lot of maintenance. The external components of the bike are not very corrosion resistant. So, you need to regularly clean the bike and keep it well oiled. One recurring problem with the bike is with its rear wheel bearings. They are known to collapse occasionally. The braking system of the bike performs with slightly lower efficiency if you drive the bike at over 150 mph very frequently. If you keep your speed under this cap, your braking system works perfectly well for years. If you are careful about these things, you can have a real biking beauty at your feet.

When you compare the 2008 version with the 1999 classic version, you notice a definite upgrade of engine in the latest one. Engine power in 2008 has increased to 1340cc from the original 1299cc. The efficiency of pistons is much higher and the engine is lighter than the 1999 version. There has not been much of a change in terms of appearance of the bike, probably because the company does not want to risk its popularity. The appearance of the bike works immensely in its favor. However, if you want a few changes, you can always customize a Hayabusa for sale. Although it will cost you a fair amount of money, the thrill of owning a customized Hayabusa is completely unmatched.

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